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This website is operated by The Liquid Pearl Breastmilk Jewellery and Keepsakes Studio-India.Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to The Liquid Pearl Breastmilk Jewelleryand Keepsakes Studio-India.The name “The Liquid Pearl Breastmilk Jewellery and Keepsakes Studio-India” is a registered Trademark. Copying the brand name or creating a brand name highly similar to this is punishable under Trademarks Act, 1999.Orders are accepted through WhatsApp / website only. Instagram orders are not accepted.Instagram is only for connections and initial communications.The management will share the designs and works of our own to the customers. Making the order is customer wish. All the works shared are customized, therefore, the customer should not share or copy the work and make designs for their own. All the designs sent by the Management are subjected to COPYRIGHT.Once the order placed with payment, the designs cannot be changed. All the orders are customized, therefore, kindly decide the designs before making the payment. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. If the client requests a cancellation of order and requests a refund then we charge a cancellation charge of 50% from the order value only for gold orders. (If cancellation was demanded within 12 hrs of placing the order). If the order exceeds 12 hrs, then we do not provide refund. The management cannot provide Cancellations or refunds for Silver, Keepsakes or Castings.It is the client’s responsibility to check if she has enough number of inclusions to be sent fir crafting before placing the order. We are not responsible and never provide refunds in case the client is not being able to send the inclusions. All the orders are subjected to GST. Customers should pay the GST (applicable as per the order).Payment can be made through website/GPAY/ PHONEPAY/ ACCOUNT Customer should provide the detailed KYC information, to provide the invoice and further communications.The invoice is annexed with milk/ cord/ _ packing instructions, as per the instruction the customer should send their parcel to our address in PROFESSIONAL PRO Premium courier services only. If the customer sends from other courier service the management is not responsible for the damage or any issues of the parcel sent.From the date of receipt of the courier received from the customer, the WAITING TIME is being initiated. The waiting time will be one to six months. (This completely depends on the Client’s breastmilk and the order waitlist as the wait time varies from one person to the other). Hence,we don’t provide ETA. We do not work on desired deadlines given by the clients.Once the milk is ready for crafting, the management will inform you.The management has all rights to post crafting and making video of the Jewell/product on their own Instagram page. The same will be shared on customer request, (This doesn’t include the preservation methods).The management also provides door step service to collect the milk or crafting needs from the customer. The customer should pay the transport charges mentioned by the management.Initially the amount should be paid, so that the collection / visit date will be announced by the Management (for both jewellery and castings).The date of visit (castings) will be based on the queue, travel trip, waitlist etc. So the exact dates cannot be said by the management immediately. The wait time will be around 30-60 days ( forcastings)No part payments / advance payments are accepted.While casting, if the baby doesn’t seem co-operating with the artist , the management can do the cast attempt on the spot for another time. If it went wrong for the second time, the management will not be responsible, and the casting cannot be done for another time unless the client pays again for the cast impressions.Once the casting received from the client, it goes for the cast sculpting department. From the date of receipt of casting received, the customer has to wait for four to 12 weeks to handover the craft (for regular castings) , and 3-6 months for breastmilk castings.The craft will be delivered to the customers in person only. So, the delivery time will be applicable as mentioned above. If customers wish to collect from the management, please confirm the management whether the craft is ready. If the craft is ready, the customer can come and collect in person.The amount paid will not refunded at any cost. If the customer wants to cancel the order, the amount paid will not be refunded.We provide repairs for lifetime for which the artist will come up with their charges. As we are working in Human milk and DNA, we don’t provide guarantee for the jewel. Gold jewels can be cherished for lifetime on following the instructions we provide. Please note that the Product is made using resin. Resin jewels basically changes iys colour to kild yellow or reddish brown due to exposures. Clients are asked to take necessary care to maintain their jewels. The care instructions will be provided with the jewels.

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